A Title company designed for Realtors!


Excellence Title Agency, Inc

A drama-free and smooth closing is what your clients will remember most about you!

They'll be no surprises at closing. That is why 95% of Realtors and Attorneys that work with us end up retaining us for an average of 5-10 years. They know when it comes to Title services, they can rely on timely clean closings! 

Delivering on time and with no surprises is where our priorities lie. Our team is focused on your file from day one.

We will answer all of your questions, so you are never left in the dark about the progress on your client's file, concerns you may have, or legal issues that may affect your closing. This is all we think about!

We work with the everyday hardworking agent starting to build a career, top producing Realtors, and Legal firms that specialize in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. 

We will give your case the attention to detail and daily focus it deserves regardless of the size of the project or the number of files we are active on.

Areas Of Excellence

Detailed Legal Title Work!

The risk of not using a competent Title Agency is too great for you and your client. We want to show you how simple and foolproof our process is. Five minutes on the phone it's all it will take!

Always Protecting Your Client!

We minimize the risk of time and money for your clients by protecting their interests during the title work process. When can we schedule a brief call and go over our process? 

We Read Everything, Always!

Attention to detail is why we succeed 100% of the time, and why there are never any surprises and hidden issues at closing. Reach out to us today so we can show you how we do it!

Our Team

Barbara Pita

Managing Director. Barbara oversees all aspects of Excellence's operation. She personally welcomes every Realtor to the firm and engages on how to best work together. "Zero surprises at closing" is her motto.

Odalys Diaz

Managing Director. Odalys manages the in-house team like a well-oiled machine. Making things work faster and better is her specialty. She also handles client files and oversees the QA process before files go to closing.

Maria Alfaro

President and calendar and deadline enforcer. She's the one that makes sure your files close on time, and mistake free! In addition Maria oversees all new hires and internal team operations.

What Our Realtors are Saying!

"As a Realtor I've worked with many title companies, and I can honestly say that Excellence is without a doubt the most professional and efficient I've ever seen!

Mary Cat, Century 21.

"Excellence's uncanny ability to never dissapoint me, to always accomodate closing times, and reply to emails and concerns in real time is trully amazing. That's why they are my go-to Title shop :-) "

Mark Tabby, Unreal Estate United.

"Whenever I needed information or just wanted some reassurance for my client's closing, I was able to get clear and direct answers on time. Thank you Barbara!"

Scarlett Coon, The Property Boutique

What Makes Us Different

We could say what makes us different is our ability to care and our unmatched skill in providing "excellent" service... But that would be a lie!

Sure we care about Realtors and their clients deeply, and WE BETTER be good at delivering excellent service, as our company name clearly points out ...but that's not really what makes us unique or different.

What makes us unique is YOU, the Realtor. We can truly say that we are designed to cater to every single need you have, it's in our DNA!

We love to work with TOP Producers, we understand how important avoiding delays and meeting deadlines are to you. We get how critical it is to communicate in real time, we are OBSESSED with communication. We understand how much you hate surprises when it comes to title work, so we've eliminated them in a 100% of closings!

We just simply make your clients realize what they always suspected... that hiring you as their agent was the best business decision they've ever made. So the next time they are in the market, or refer someone who is, there's really only one agent to call!


We’re looking forward to meeting you to discuss why we are the best choice for your client's Title needs. You are under no obligation to retain our services. Our team is ready to serve you and your clients. Please click the button below to schedule a free consult and find out why it is in our mutual benefit to work together!  :-)